30075 in partially dismantled state following removal of cab and tanks and prior to the removal of the boiler during Easter week 1999. 30075's frames in Cranmore Engine Shed 30075 frames pictured adjacent to the workshop shortly after arrival at Cranmore The boiler of 30075 in Cranmore Engine Shed on a 'lowmac' wagon receiving attention 30075's boiler is lifted back into the frames to become a wheeled chasis 30075 is hauled out of the workshop to pose for the cameras and have its chimney put back on. 30075 poses in the sun having had her boiler reunited with her frames earlier that month. Jerry West supervises the lifting of 30075's chimney back onto the top of the smokebox. 30075 now substantially complete poses outside the workshop with some of the people involved in its restoration 30075 sits in the workshop awaiting further attention Rory Edwards and Keith Nicklen working on the main steam pipe in the smoke box.  The advantages of some of our younger members! 30075 moves for the first time under its own power along the workshop road. 30075 outside the workshop during its final Steam test. Steve Masters and Jerry West on top of 30075 adjusting the safety valves. 30075 pilots 5637 as it enters the station to work the 12:30 service to Mendip Vale 30075 runs round at Mendip Vale 30075 sits at Mendip Vale Station with the 12:50 departure for Cranmore 30075 sits at Mendip Vale with the first of a series of loaded test runs prior to the Press Launch later that week     30075 arrives at Cranmore for the offical handover ceremony at the Press launch on the 7 July 2004 ESR Volunteers (L-R Roger Cooke, Richard Masters, Stephen Masters, Richard Taylor) and members of the Project 62 Group