59102+59004 on static display in the Tanker Sidings at Cranmore. Class 47 no.47758 stands on the loop in Cranmore Station. Class 47 no.47758 climbing up the bank from Mendip Vale.       Class 35 no.37798 running around in Cranmore station. Later on, this engine derailed under the bridge after faulty brakes caused it to runaway. Class 47 no.47758 coasting down the bank towards Mendip Vale station.   Class 47 no.47758 climbing the bank between Mendip Vale and Merryfield Lane. Class 47, no.47758 in the cutting after leaving Merryfield Lane station. Class 59 no.59102 stands at the head of line of diesels. In the background are 59004, 47758 and 37798.