The railtour running along the quarry branch from the mainline. The railtour running along the quarry branch towards Cranmore. The lower line in the picture heads towards the quarry, whilst the line the train is on heads towards Cranmore and the other side of the quarry triangle. The railtour waits catch points to enter Cranmore station. Gavin Moore and Steve Masters are in the hi-viz vests and escort the tour into Cranmore. The railtour enters Cranmore station with pilot engine class 33 diesel 33103 "Swordfish" from Fragonset Railways in front. The train engine, BR Standard Class 5 no. 73096. ESR Pilotman, Steve Masters, prepares to unhook the diesel so that it can shunt the train. 33103 runs around the train in preparation to shunt it. 73096 being coaled next the the Signal Box. Andrew Barclary no.1398 "Lord Fisher" on "Driver for a Fiver" duties, with Graham Watters driving and Ken Slade firing. Class 33 no.33103 running around to take the stock back out onto the branch so that service trains can be run. BR Standard class 5 no.73096 pulling the train forward. Yankee Tank no.30075 pulls out the service train with Driver Jerry West and Fireman Richard Taylor. Standard Class 5 nr 73096 sits at Cranmore Depot being serviced after working the inbound Cathedrals Express in September 2004  BR Standard class 5 no.73096 being watered in Cranmore Loco Depot. Three steam engines - BR Standard no.73096, Andrewe Barclay no.1398 "Lord Fisher" and Yankee Tank no.30075. BR Standard class 5 no.73096 stands in Cranmore Depot. The end of the day and no.73096 makes preparations to leave and head back to London Victoria.