Yankee Tank no.30075 stands in the station loop at Cranmore, with fireman Ken Slade in attendance. Whilst GWR 56xx no.5637 waits to set off with a fitted freight train, visiting engine LMS Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2T no.41312 heads towards Cranmore with a passenger train. LMS Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2T no.41312 heading towardcs Cranmore station with a passenger train. GWR 56xx no.5637 heads off with its fitted freight train. Ivatt 2MT no.41312 stand in Cranmore taking on water whilst Yankee Tank no.30075 runs around the train. LMS Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2T no.41312 prepares to run around the train in preparation for double-heading the next passenger train. LMS Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2T no.41312 runs around the train. Visiting Ivatt Class 2MT no.41312 runs into the platform to pick up its next train, the 11:10 ex-Cranmore, which it will double head with 30075. LMS Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2T no.41312 passes the original station building whilst running around the train. GWR 56xx no.5637 returns to Cranmore with just its brake van, the rest of the freight train has been left at Mendip Vale to form part of a larger return freight train. LMS Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2T no.41312 and Yankee Tank no.30075 stand in Cranmore station, preparing to double-head the next passenger train. 5637 runs into the loop, past the waiting passenger service with the 10:50 Engine Brake Van working from Mendip Vale, having just let off its passengers at the foot crossing by the Signal Box. LMS Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2T no.41312 and Yankee Tank no.30075 set off from Cranmore station with their passenger train. GWR 56xx no.5637 shunts brake van no.49028 into the cripple siding. Shortly after this picture was taken, 5637 was found to have a broken spring and had to taken out of service to have it replaced. Pictures of this are at the end of this Gallery. With 30075 leading 41312, the 11:39 Passenger Service from Mendip Vale storms up the bank towards Maesdown Road Bridge on its return to Cranmore Yankee Tank no.30075 and LMS Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2T no.41312 return to Cranmore station with their passenger train. Standing in for the failed 5637, nos.41312 and 30075 head off with the loose coupled freight train. 41312 and 30075 pass Cranmore depot with the delayed 12:00 Unfitted Freight.  30075 was deputising for 5637 whilst its spring was changed.  Fireman Ken Slade on 30075 is preparing to exchange the train staff with the Signalman at Cranmore West. Descending the bank, nos.41312 & 30075 head to Mendip Vale with the loose-coupled freight train. Descending the bank, nos.41312 & 30075 head to Mendip Vale with the loose-coupled freight train. The Unfitted Freight sits at the stopboard at Mendip Vale platform, prior to the shunt to reattach the wagons left earlier by the fitted freight. "Yankee Tank" 30075 complete with the rearmost Brake Van is framed by the veranda of the frontmost brake van as shunting progresses at mendip Vale.  By this stage the weather had deteriorated considerably. Ivatt 2MT no.41312 heads the combined freight train, consisting of both the fitted and loose-coupled freight trains, up the bank towards Merryfield Lane. Yankee Tank 30075 is at the rear acting as a banking engine. Yankee Tank no.30075 brings up the rear of the combine freight train. By this time, the weather had taken a turn for the worse, with very heavy rain. Ivatt 2MT no.41312 brings the combined frieght train into Cranmore station, with Yankee Tank 30075 still assisting at the rear. Ivatt 2MT no.41312 heading towards Cranmore Station. Yankee Tank no.30075 brings up the rear of the combined freight train. In the heavy rain, Ivatt 2MT no.41312 enters the station with a passenger train whilst Yankee Tank no.30075 stands beside the signal box waiting its next turn. After its first run, it was noticed that GWR 56xx no.5637 had a broken spring. In this picture, the spring should form a smooth curve, but has snapped inside the centre buckle giving it a pronounced sag in the middle. Investigations are under way to try and determine what caused this failure. The spring was replaced in a couple of hours, but to do so, the engine is lifted using jacks whilst several people handle the heavy spring. As the shed is roofless at the moment, there was plenty of light to see what was going on, but the heavy rain made it an unpleasant job. Sections of the broken spring. All the leaves had snapped in the middle and so the spring was taken out in bits. Having had its spring changed, 5637 is pictured at Cranmore ready to shunt having banked the delayed 16:16 freight departure from Mendip Vale.  To the left of the picture is the new Cranmore "down" starter. Driver John Scott and Fireman Linda Cowen, having been reunited with their engine, await their next turn 5637 and its freight train pose by the signal box with the "down" starter and "down advance" starting signals in the background. In the fading light, two of the engines stand in the depot yard after a hard days work (for some engines anyway!) Driver (& ESR Traction Inspector) Doug Godden watches for the shunters signals as he eases the first freight of the day, the 10:20 Fitted Freight, out of the Tanker Sidings. The same train pictures as it passes the "down" starter heading towards Cranmore West. Time for a Chat?  Fireman Paul Ebbsworth on the offside of 41312 talking to an unidentified person in 30075 while the Ivatt takes water. Taken from the veranda of "TOAD" brakvan no.35234, the 12:41 unfitted freight from Mendip Vale, snakes through the cutting with 41312 in the distance.
The delayed 14:45 passenger service arriving back at Cranmore with 30075 leading and 5637 bringing up the rear.  The train passes the Ivatt in the Cripple Siding. the Ivatt sits in the Cripple Siding with the Standard Brake Van.  Driver John Greathead and Fireman Paul Ebbsworth leaning out of the cab window. The double headed combination of 5637 and 41312 return with the last passenger service. 30075 and 41312 are prepared for the days services at Cranmore Depot Preparations for the gala on the Friday before kept 41312 in steam until twilight settled in.  The loco is seen here being disposed. This shot sees both 41312 and 30075 after they have just been lit up.  5637 and Lord Fisher will also have been lit up but are in the shed out of view. 5637 runs around her train and is seen emerging from the foliage!