Santa on his Sleigh Some of the new decorations in the grotto. The cuddly reindeer proves popular with the younger children Santa's Booking Office Elves!  Georgia Donnelly and Vera Pike pause briefly amid the ringing of phones. ESR Commercial Manager Frank Barrett waves the trains away, with a little help from his friend! The Happy Helpers take a five minute breather before getting back to work after a busy train.  From left to right Jerry West (Mulled Wine Maestro), Paul Martin (The beard gives his role away!), Brian Laitt (Away from the footplate and acting as Drinks Waiter!) and Alex Hopkins (Mince Pie Eater & Server) Guard Nick Waton ready to give the "right away" with the last train of the day Guards Nick Waton (right) and Don Nicholson (Left) seeking refuge from Christmas Carols in the sanctuary of the Guards Compartment Twin Alex takes dressing up just that little bit too far...... 30075 sat at the east end of the first Santa Train on Sunday 19 December warming the coaches 30075 runs round her train at Mendip Vale 30075 sits in Mendip Vale Platform awaiting the Guard's "right away" before returning another happy load of Santa Special Passengers back to Cranmore 30075 pauses at Merryfield Lane, the summit of the line, before returning to Cranmore with the 14:00 hours train of the day 30075 runs round her train at Mendip Vale A band of youthful willing volunteers! Santa sits on his sleigh awaiting the first visitors of the day Santa poses by 30075 after the return of the first journey with Driver Doug Godden Just before the first train of the day on Christmas Eve, the generator chose to discharge its battery.  Help was on hand in the guise of 08032 who jump started the generator from its batteries without delaying the first train!  No mena feat! Charging takes place under the watchful eye of ESR Locomotive Superintendent Steve Masters. The last Santa train of 2004 has run, the coaches have been cleaned and the last bits of rubbish are burnt on the bonfire under the careful eyes of the "gangers" As the fire dies down, the last of the colouring pencils, lovingly sharpened over the previous 10 steaming days and the final Santa tickets are glimpsed before their conversion to ash!