A view from the end of the platform looking East.  The glint is the "start of token section" board that covers the (Network Rail) branch from Cranmore East to Whites Crossing / Merehead Quarry The snow had settled in the "four-foot" during the course of the night The view along the loop with the "Santa Special" coaching stock in the platform road and the snow on the former "down" platform. Cranmore Signal Box, 100 years young in 2004, is covered in a fine dusting of snow.  The new "down starter" sits in the background and the green light of Cranmore West foot crossing glints in the distance Old sleepers taken out when the point into the carriage storage siding was re-sleepered during November The Snow has settled on the steps up to the Signal Box A view looking along the line towards Cranmore West and the Depot The "welcome to Cranmore board" bears the brunt of a snow flurry Later in the day, the Cranmore Station "Running In" Board is pictured with a light dusting of snow on the track before it finally melted