Class 31601 heads up the (ESR's) main line towards Cranmore West en route for the shed. Whilst at the rear 31459 "Cerberus" passes the advanced starter as the set leaves the loop and traverses onto the main line. The whole set is seen on the ESR main line approaching Cranmore West Crossing with 31459 at the rear and 31601 at the front with four mark two coaches sandwiched between them 31459 rounds the curve on "3 Road" at the Depot before passing the water column and going into the shed With 31459 leading, the set passes the China Clay Hood and "Toad" Brake Van 31459 pictured in the shed over the pit 31601 is seen at the west end of the shed with "Yankee Tank" 30075 and resident Sentinel Diesel PBA39 on adjacent roads The pink liveried coaches are caught in the background as the boiler of ex GWR 56xx 0-6-2T nr 5637 sits on a flat wagon in light steam prior to its steam test the following day With 31601 `The Mayor of Castorbridge`leading, the top and tailed formation passes under the roadbridge and arrives on ESR metals. ... and at the rear of the train, 31459 `Cereberus` passes the same spot 31601 stands at the rear of the five Mark 2 carriages as 31459 receives attention over the pit.  The pink loco and coaches looking slightly incongruous against the steam infrastructure of water column and two road (albeit roofless) shed! The classic lines of a Class 31 - 31601 stands in the depot at Cranmore.
31601 in profile Fragonset Liveried Clas 31, nr 31459 stands over the pit in the (temporarily
roofless) shed at Cranmore. 31601 stands over the pit whilst it receives attention. 31459 stands at the foot of the depot headshunt by the Grafton Cranes