"Bully off before work"  all bolts and fixings holding the chairs to the sleepers had to be checked for tightness before the tamper can start work this job took two weekends to complete. The reserve ballast stock on the ?stone dock? after delivery the larger pile on the floor of the tanker sidings was used first before this stock as touched. The coaling digger prepares to go on a working holiday in the tanker sidings. Each piece of ballast was closely inspected for quality during loading. The re-sleepering at Meryfield the new sleepers show up as they hold the frost longer than the old stock, note the condition of the displaced sleepers laid in the cess. Another picture indicating the extent of the work undertaken and the condition of the material removed. Work cannot start until after the committee meeting! This is between Mendip distant and Maesdown Bridge the sleepers beside the track are waiting to be put into place.