The sunlight reflects off the PMV (Parcel and Miscellaneous Van) stabled at the east end of the engine shed. Another picture shows the sun casting the early morning light across the west end of the engine shed and the water column With the light improved and the engines well and truly in steam, the smokebox of 5553 is seen with the sun glinting off the smokebox numberplate Steam Raiser Paul Ebsworth in the shed with Junior Volunteer Aaron Gadd as they turn their attentions to lighting up 705 The bunker of 5637 is caught in the foreground whilst in the background is the jib of the Swindon Nr 2 Crane and the Water Tower Junior Volunteer Chris Hopkins climbs up into the cab of 5637 to check all is well Junior Volunteer Tom Yardley cleans the Firemans window on 30075 Drips of water, a puddle and the reflection of ex GWR 56xx Nr 5637 A view looking along the shed with 5637 at the front, 5553, 1398 and 705 On the other road in the shed was 30075, pictured with Steam Raiser John Watts checking water levels via the left hand tank The water tank filler cover reflects the sunlight The Dome on 5553 Locomotive Superintendent Stephen Masters checks the fire on "Yankee Tank" 30075 and sprinkles some coal onto strategic parts of the firebox The light is reflected off the gauge glass of 30075 Lord Fisher annouces it feels that it has enough water for now.... A view of the Locomotive pressure gauge and the Steam Heat Gauge The footplate of 5553.  The firebox doors are open and the fire visible The Screw Coupling on 5553 Lamps at the ready Lamps in the steam on 5637 A Jug of Engine Oil waits in preparation for the crews to arrive and start oiling up The Driver of 5553, Phil Hopkins, starts oiling up, beginning with the crosshead. Whilst the Fireman of 5637, Linda Cowen, checks the lamps on her engine With his work nearly done, Steam Raiser Paul Ebsworth enjoys a joke and a welcome cup of tea having handed the engines he has been custodian for the last few hours over to their respective crews.  After tea, his attention turns to 1398, his engine for the day. Driver Hopkins continues with his oiling up with 30075 in the background Driver John Scott is oiling up the coupling rods on his engine for the day, 5637 Driver John Scott eases 5637 and 5553 out of the shed The pair are pictured passing the water column heading out onto the mainline. Shortly followed by "Yankee Tank" 30075 driven by Passed Fireman Roger Cooke With the mainline engines off shed, 1398 is free to come off shed and carry out some minor shunting and take up its duties on "Driver for a Fiver".  Driven by Passed Fireman Richard Taylor and Fireman Paul Ebsworth, the engine drifts past the Engine Shed. The first passenger train of the day, hauled by 5637 is captured in Lord Fisher`s cab window as it approaches Cranmore West Station The spring flowers are out in the Tanker Sidings as Fireman Ken Slade ensures that the Goods Guard coupling 5553 to the freight train does the job properly. 5553 departs for Mendip Vale with its first freight train of the day 30075 is framed in the waiting room canopy as it sits at the end of the loop awaiting its first turn of the day Platform Furniture under the canopy at Cranmore Station A final shot from the road bridge, 30075 sits in the Cripple Siding and 5553 awaits the road with its Freight Train.