Chris [Hopkins - Left] and I remove the front right hand mudhole door before the washout.  Chris is holding a tool which Steve [Masters - ESR Locomotive Superintendent] made which screws into a tapped hole on the bolt of the mudhole door to stop it falling into the boiler barrel once it has been loosened.  Steve made this after he dropped one during the `Yankee Tank`s` overhaul! The front right hand side mudhole door being removed. Chris and I are holding some of the mudhole doors removed from the top of the boiler for access to the tubes and firebox crown which is in the cab.  Note the chalk marks which are labels so we know which ones go where.  These have their bottom faces wirebrushed and generally cleaned up before the go back in the boiler, and the Steel gasket is replaced in each one whenever they`re removed. Twin Chris [Hopkins] checks the hose is working although really because he wanted to have a go at it! Having just finished the first mudhole door, it was time to change the nozzle to enable us to do the inside of the boiler barrel. I missed the mudhole door in the cab and it ended up spraying everywhere. The engine and myself getting soaked after the hose became loose and sprayed water everywhere. I am washing out the middle left hand side of the boiler.  The casing with the red-handle is the fire-mans side clack valve housing for the injector.  The dome on the left is where the Regulator and manifold pipe is housed and so this is also given a spray with the bent nozzle.  This gets rid of any sediment that could have built up around the regulator and will stop it from possibly being carried over with the steam into the cylinders. Steve [Masters] is holding a "Flare" which is used to see any scale left on the boiler, and so this is inserted through a Plug hole or Mudhole door and enables him to see inside the boiler. The smokebox door being opened by myself and the twins so that we can remove the two plugs to wash out the boiler side of the tubeplate and the barrel.  This is done last once all the rubbish has been removed from the boiler sides and tubes.  The Smokebox and tubeplate is then given the once over with the hose to get rid of any rubbish stuck on the inside of the smokebox, ie soot etc.