Cranmore Signal Box before the Cranmore Signalling Project started. The Signal Box before the Cranmore Signalling project started. The signal before the Cranmore Signalling project started. As can be seen, the Box is in relatively good condition, but is in need of some work. Spring 2004 and the exterior has been extensively restored. The brickwork has been repointed, the woodwork repaired and repainted, and new gutters added. July 2004 and the first signal post has been installed. This is the down starter which was some distance from the platform. Two weeks after the previous picture and the down starter has gained its signal arm, ladder and other bits. August 2004 and the down starter signal is largely complete. The end of September 2004 and the Down Outer Starter is in place. The Down outer Starter in close up. October 2004 and the two installed signals are shown with the signal box in the background. Into 2005 and attention turns to the interior of the signal box. This shows the floor lifter in preparation for the lever frame. January 2005 and another view of the hole prepared for the lever frame. January 2005, the Block Shelf has been installed. January 2005 and Jeff Bown preparing the mounting for the lever frame. February 2005 and the Lever Frame starts to take shape. February 2005 and Jeff Bown works on the lever frame. March 2005 and the Lever Frame is now in place. End of April 2005 and the Lever Frame has been fully painted, and is shown in its normal operating layout. This view of the signal box shows much of the essential elements in place. S&T engineer Phil Hopkins chats with Driver Doug Godden. April 2005 and the locking frame, which is operating end of the lever frame (which is above), is shown in the process of being assembled. Cranmore Signal Box in April 2005. April 2005, Cranmore Station with all the elements of the signalling project in view. The Up Platform Home is seen under construction. The Up Inner Home signal in the process of construction. Work has continued behind the scenes on the signal box restoration.  At the moment the team have been concentrating on the inside to create a cameo of a working signalbox to show visitors.  Hanging from the token hooks is a Token Holder and a hook used to retain the signal box diagrams mounted above the block shelf Two shots showing the lever frame, this one looking west. Note the painted frame (a contrast from pictures 18 - 20) and the new floor. And a shot looking east Every signalman should have somewhere comfortable to sit... ... and somewhere to make tea! The inside has been fully painted, the black band on the windows are to hide dirty fingerprints when sliding the windows open.  Common sense really, but its the most frequently asked question by visitors - even by me! On special `open days` the collection of block instruments are taken from secure storage and displayed.  THis has been in the ESR museum for a long time before recieving a cosmetic restoration and placed on display on the block shelf. Every signal box needs a Signalman, in this case its Phil Hopkins, the driving force of the restoration and resignalling project along with the late Chris Shermon A cement lorry backs across the carpark to fill in the hole at the base of the new bracket signal at the East end of Cranmore station. With the main post planted, Jeff, Dave, Roger and Roger stand back to admire their work. The pile of signalling equipment is growing alongside the signal box. The point rodding and cranks will eventually be reinstated. Jeff installs his newly aquired route indicator board at the end of Cranmore Platform. Jeff adds more items to a signal post. Note the new wooden boards and hand rails. Jeff Bown configures the rollers which carry the point rodding, the route of which can be seen next to the down line in the background. Jeff putting finishing touches to rodding prior to assembly. Connecting up from the lever to a quadrant which turns vertical movement into horizontal (note new hole in signal box wall). A view of the signal box locking frame. Cranmore Signal Box with Phil Hopking in charge! Bracket Signal at Cranmore Cranmore Signal box