You saw it here first! Some 3 hours before the Castle Class loco appears at the trap points seperating the ESR from Network Rail, the railtour with 5029 at its head is pictured powering through Taplow on the down relief line.     Ex-GWR Castle Class no.5029 "Nunney Castle" appears under the overbridge east of Cranmore Station and runs onto ESR metals.  No.5029 "Nunney Castle" runs into Cranmore station No.5029 "Nunney Castle" in Cranmore Station, with no.5637 in the background waiting to run a passenger train. No.5029 "Nunney Castle" stand opposite the Signal Box to take on coal. No.5029 "Nunney Castle" stands opposite the Signal Box, taking on coal. No.5029 "Nunney Castle" stands opposite the Signal Box, taking on coal. The coal is loaded from aggregate bags using a lorry with crane. Close up of coal being loaded onto No.5029 "Nunney Castle". Coaling finished, no.5029 "Nunney Castle" heads towards the motive power depot to take on water. Heading towards the motive power depot, no.5029 "Nunney Castle" passes ex-GWR no.5637. 5637 is waiting with a passenger station and will run into the platform once "Nunney Castle" has cleared the line. Whilst no.5029 "Nunney Castle" was the star of the visit, ex-BR class 47 no.47712 "Artemis", now owned by Fragonset, was also on the train to act as a standby engine. Nunney Castle "On Shed" being watered before the return trip of the Cathedrals express on Saturday 10th September 2005  No.5029 "Nunney Castle" stands in the depot, whilst Andrew Barclay 0-4-0 "Lord Fisher" passes on Driver-for-a-Fiver duties. After taking on water, no.5029 "Nunney Castle" enters the engine shed so that the crew can check everything is okay and add some oil to the oiling points. No.5029 "Nunney Castle" framed by the Engine Shed entrance. All servicing complete, no.5029 "Nunney Castle" emerges from the shed in a clouds of smoke and steam. No.5029 "Nunney Castle" heads back towards Cranmore station. No.5029 "Nunney Castle" heads back to Cramore Station. No.5029 "Nunney Castle" stands on the main line, with the ESR passenger train in the siding on the left and the railtour train in the station loop on the right. Prior to the tour arriving, the ESR passenger train was shunted into a siding to clear the station. No.5637 stands on the station loop, whilst ex-BR class 08 shunter, no.08032 shunts the stock into the siding. ex-BR class 08 shunter, no.08032, shunts the ESR passenger train into the sidings. A fleet of classic buses wait in the car park to take the Cathedral Express passengers to Wells. A close up of the nameplate on Fragonset Class 47 nr 47712 'Artemis'