Austerity class saddle tank nr 68005 (a fictional number) is pictured outside the then newly built Cranmore Engine Shed.  Green Knight can be seen just in front of the other side of the shed.  Note the relaxed atmosphere that visitors could experience then! A bit of a cheat this one as it is not taken at the railway!  David Shepherds 9F nr 92203 Black Prince is pictured at Eastleigh Open Day in April 1975 Again not taken at the railway, this time at the 150th Anniversary of the Stockton & Darlington Railway.  This time 4MT nr 75029 Green Knight, now owned by the NYMR, is pictured A shot of Cranmore Station in January 1975 after construction of the Station House.  With the 'Tanker Sidings' still in use for the regular bitumen traffic, a rake of tankers is seen on the left.  20 years later, the scene is little different, except for the fence splitting the platform from the road and the lack of tankers. Before its visit to Shildon later that year, 75029 Green Knight is pictured outside the shed.  Another early shot of an ESR favourite.  Barry Buckfields well travelled Barclay 0-4-0ST nr 1398 Lord Fisher sits at the east end of the shed.  The engine had arrived at Cranmore via Longmoor and Radstock.  Nowadays the loco sports a proper set of buffers and a screw coupling! The National Railway Museum's replica of 'Rocket' visited the ESR during 1981 and is pictured running up and down the short demonstration line (now Depot Nr 1 Road).  The line in the background is still the BR mainline.  It would be another year before services started to Merryfield Lane and another 4 years before operating permission to use the line into Cranmore Station would be given. A frontwards view of Rocket.  To the left of the engine is the Coaling Stage, reached by an incline from behind the shed.  Nowadays this site has the Carriage Shed. Ex SR Schools Class locomotive nr 928 Stowe sits at the west end of the Engine Shed.  The loco, owned by Lord Montague of Beaulieu (of motor museum fame) never steamed at Cranmore instead moving to the Bluebell Railway in Sussex during 1980 and being fast tracked back into traffic. On the first day of its re-entry into traffic at the ESR after overhaul, Barclay 0-4-0ST nr 1398 Lord Fisher is seen in the Yard at Cranmore with Fireman Dean Knights Lord Fisher passes David Shepherds 9F 92203 Black Prince on the day of its re-entry into traffic Lord Fisher and ex SECR P Class tank engine nr 323 Bluebell from the Bluebell Railway make a spirited exit from the shed past Black Prince Lord Fisher and Bluebell are pictured heading west past beyond Cranmore West Ground Frame with a train for Merryfield Lane comprising two compartment coaches (BS 43289 and S 1000) Once a year the ESR paid host to the (then) British Railways weedkilling train operated by Chipman Ltd. The train was top and tailed along the line by a BR Diesel in the down direction and an ESR engine in the up direction.  Crossing Merryfield Lane Bridge on the return journey, the train is hauled by Barry Buckfields Jinty 47493, driven by Wilf Wilds. 47493 with Wilf Wilds on the Drivers side is pictured next to the rostered BR Diesel, 31294 after the return of the train and a shunt release operation. The weedkilling train departs Cranmore West and crosses the trap points back onto BR metals The weedkilling trains, back on BR metals, passes the shed