The Chairman, David Shepherd, on board 92203 "Black Prince"
47493 hauls the ballast train up the last length of the 1 in 70 Cranmore bank. 250 tons behind the loco. Photo taken close to MP 6.5
Doulting Loop - 47493 shunts the ballast train preparatory to the next 'drop'
The Engineering Dept !  Left to Right: R.Pillinger, C.Bendell, A.Newcastle Brown, S.Marcks, Lucretia Borgia, D.Deer, J.Chisholm,Willie Wurznop, A.Swift.
"Black Prince" doing brake van rides the last day of steaming, George Shields driving. Austerity 68005 also in steam, and a fine view of the shed. Taken from a secret aerial location (!) by John Titlow, whose name is known to enthusiasts as a photographic contributor to many rail journals.
47493 shunting the sleeping coach
Good Friday 1980, and 47493 hauls the inaugural train on the new line, complete with suitable decorations
Good Friday 1980, with 47493 returning to Cranmore West with the very first passenger train from Merryfield Lane.
Easter Sunday 1980. Avril breaks a bottle over 92203 "Black Prince" before the 9F makes its first trip up the line with a passenger train. Also shown are two immaculate young waitresses from Cath's Buffet Coach - and Jack !
The load test (see: Engineering Report). As Stowe is pulled over the bridge, Steve Marcks (back to camera) fumbles for the fourth packet of cigarettes.
A press photo taken on the "Cliff'll Fix It" event. David Shepherd is seen with one very lucky young boy having his wish realised.
Kath's Caff! The LMS coach, with settings for no less than 52 persons. The picture does not do justice to the original, with floral decorations, etc. In addition, the photographer had previously been at the home made wine, which explains the list.
The Shepherd Girls, modelling the new ESR T-Shirts available from Cranmore
92203 as first seen by David Shepherd, whilst still in British Railways service.
Austerity 68005 stands beside the coaling stage
"Bluebell" no.323, from a postcard.
Re-ballasting durng Civil Week. It will observed that 68005 and train are out of control hurtling down the hill towards Cranmore West at an unspecified speed.
The P.W. gang carrying in new Concrete Sleepers - Civil Week. Actually they are really made of polystyrene - they only look heavy !
Engineering regulars? Top row L to R: Dick Deer, R.Pillinger, C.Bendell. Middle: Messrs Marcks and Pillinger at the ESR Sales stand July 1980. Bottom row: D.Weisham, S, Marcks, P.Goodfellow.
"Bluebell" no.323 being coupled for the 11.00 train.
"Bluebell" no.323 comes off shed (fireman Dean Knights) to take the 11.00 train. "Black Prince" is being prepared for the 11.30 train, and the two loco's together make a fascinating study in opposites.