Cranmore MPD yard. Concrete being poured for coal storage bin.
Dean Knights on the floating travel.
Ron Moorcock (left) and Doug Ellis outside Cranmore West ground Frame hut which they rebuilt from little more than a pile of firewood
Party-group shot at Cranmore Workshops (Shepherd on the footplate not being moved!) Left to Right: Terry Smyth, Andy Swift, Steve Chivers, Steve Chivers Mate, Tim Chivers, Pat Goodfellow, Dave Williams, High Bushfoot and Colin Saunders
The Engineering Dept's most beloved locomotive, the Dubs Crane Tank
"Lord Fisher" with a stone train for Merryfield lane during Civil Week
6634 plus 47106 plus "Rocket". Thursday of Civil Week - 'Past, Present & Future'
The platform at Merryfield lane approaching completion, Civil Week.
What are the 'Ladies and Gentlemen' looking at so intently ? From the look of wonderment on John Rees' fax, it could be nothing less than marcks signing the pledge !
Actually, it is this they were gazing at ! Our Chairman 'paints' a coach for the benefit of the BBC-TV film crew. A stunning shot of the backs of several heads
John Rees juggles spectacularly with his tickling stick watched in amazement by the crew of Jinty 47493, Air Day.
The Alan French, Cranmore Shed, Air Day 1981, around 2.57pm. It should be pointed out that Alan is not in fact listing to starboard and clutching at a handy locomotive for support. In reality, he is being blown over by the slipstream of a low-flying Lancaster.
"Bluebell" departs Cranmore West with a train for Merryfield Lane. The arrival at Cranmore of the vintage GWR coach. Our chairman watches the delicate task with interest, while Steve Marcks (off picture) watches with his hands in his pockets. Dick Bellchambers at work on the smokebox of "Bluebell". A fin study of "Lord Fisher" piloted by the same Dick Bellchambers on a typical summers day (note the thunder clouds) at Cranmore. Austerity 68005 crosses the road bridge east of Merryfield Lane with a Cranmore West train on a summers afternoon in 1980. A rare shot of 6634 heading a freight train through Cardiff Central. Whipsnade in March, and the loco is being re-painted in red oxide. The tent over the tender allows foul weather work. Ron Druce would be very glad of a hand! "The Green Knight" as photographed in the workshop. The start of excavation work on Merryfield Lane bridge. The concrete relieving arch after removal of shuttering - note also new spandrel walls.