Our Chairman recently commented that the cover photo should feature some of the characters of the Railway for a change. So, what greater character could we start with than Jack Stanaway ? Known to virtually every member, Jack`s smiling face is one of the Railway`s greatest assets. Jack adopts a nonchalant pose by the nameboard of the station that has become his life. It is probably true to say that no-one knows just how much Jack does for the Railway - he is certainly not the one to shout about it - but I do know it is impossible to picture Cranmore without him. 92203 Black Prince climbs the hill from Cranmore West in spectacular fashion The Cranmore Formation Hernia Team in action. Veteran driver Wilf Wilds instructing novice Pat Goodfellow who is about to make his first solo parachute descent from the footplate Roger Lane with Wynford Vaughan Thomas at his home in Wales recording the narrative script for Rogers production about the ESR, "Steam Dream" Recovering rail from M.O.D. Depot, Guildford for use on ESR extension Outline Drawing for proposed carriage shed, Cranmore. Civil Engineers dept December 1981 Barry 1981 - some of the wonderful people who brought in 6634 - left to right, Melvin Marshman, Jonathan Maine, Chris Shermon, Andy Swift. Standing: Peter March,Richard Pillinger, John Heyes, Jerry West, Andy Swift`s mate. The loco is 6023 King Edward II - which is NOT coming to Cranmore! A Wintery `Santa Special` in the charge of `Bluebell`, Cranmore West, December 1981 The lever frame at Canute Road signal box, Southampton before dismantling by the ESR recovery squad Popeye and three friends rest during the dismantling of the lever frame. Fred Wedlock makes the draw for the ESR Grand Raffle last November, and causes the total collapse of our worthy Chairman as he announces the first prize: "A fortnight`s holiday for two in Iran ?.." Barry Buckfield pictured in front of Dubs Crane Tank. Dave Massey and Norman Hutchins prepare to tip Steve Marcks into 68005 from the coal stage. Rex Coffin took the picture on November 1st, 1981 Ground Signal before. Ground Signal after. Just to remind you what 75029 "The Green Knight" looks like at present! Ben Goodman is pictured by Rex Coffin working on her smokebox 20/9/81. With tongue in cheek, we publish this fine study by Rex Coffin of 75029 `The Green Knight` as it has been suggested that some people may have forgotten what she looks like in one piece. The Site of the new station at Mendip Vale looking east (S.Marcks) Looking west towards Shepton, near the Maesdown Bridge. Note cleared track bed and new drainage. Photo by Steve Marcks 27/3/82 Looking east towards Maesdown Bridge from the Mendip Vale extension. The present appearance on 254 (see:"The Enigma of 254") contrasts sharply with the picture we published of this coach in the condition in which it arrived at Cranmore. Merryfield Lane Halt before the shelter was painted and the slope regraded. Note TR38 Wickham Trolley casually posed in middle distance "Just scrape off all that soot in the corner there," said Noddy to Big Ears as prepared to put his little engine to bed. A late afternoon scene on East Sunday with 4101 in the shed yard. With reference to Barry`s request for old photo`s of the ESR, here is the sort of thing he wants. No.5514 hauls a train down Doulting Cutting by Maesdown Bridge, from Witham to Wells, in 1936! Happy Days! The first and only picture David Shepherd took of his first sight of the derelict Cranmore station, in 1971 In 191, the view towards Cranmore Station of the existing steel shed. The picture was taken from a position opposite what is now Cranmore West Station - the trees on the left are in the `picnic area` adjacent to the toilets of today. A rare study by the Editor of Richard Flenk (with hair) and Mike Daw (without) indulging in the high-pressure salesmanship in Cranmore Station on Easter Sunday. Their achievements were impressive Shortly after capturing the cover phot of Barry Buckfield, the Editor noted someone with a distinct resemblance to Chris Harris striking casual poses upon the footplate of the ever-filthy 4101 Crane Tank. This picture is the sad result of letting inexperienced persons loose with highly technical equipment A picture which says more about Cranmore than any amount of words ever could. 323 "Bluebell" by Rex Coffin, Autumn 1980 Dinah Sheridan and David Shepherd pose no.1 platform. The occasion was the grand opening of the the new video coach which is proving a popular feature at Cranmore. From David Shepherd`s archives, another glimpse of Cranmore as it was. In 1971, the station was derelict and Jack`s house simply did not exist. From David Shepherd`s archives, another glimpse of Cranmore as it was. In 1971, our shed did not exist. This shot of the original corrugated structure was taken from the approximate position of the crossing by the Video Coach. Don`t times change! Doulting Cutting near Maesdown Bridge in 1979. Doulting Cutting near Maesdown Bridge in 1982. Concrete sleepered track being keyed by Marcks` Mob whilst the works train waits in the background to bring further supplies of materials. Geoff Pitman from Swanage supervises the unloading of rails. "I don`t know what effect these men will have on the enemy, but by God they frighten me." The combined Swanage and ESR track gangs pose on the newly laid track. Shot from a helicopter by Tudor Harward, 92203 takes the train to Merryfield Lane. The helicopter woke up Marcks` Mob. A works train us unloaded at the line extension while Steve Marcks sleeps it off (third bush on the left). A new angle on Cranmore. This fine shot taken from a passing helicopter by Tudor Harwood gives a very different perspective to the familiar scene. David and Avril with Dinah Sheridan on the steps of the Signal Box Black Prince` 92203 with a train at Merryfield Lane on East Sunday 1982 A very fine study of 68005 `Austerity` with the weedkilling train in Doulting Cutting on May 5th. Signal box and a mercifully empty `gents` from the helicopter 92203 pulling a train up the line John Rees` nightmare, the Western surburban coach Austerity` 68005 coasts back down from Merryfield Lane on Easter Sunday 1982 The Chairman and the venerable Wilf Wilds chucle merrily as Steve Marcks is extinguished by 92203 while he gazed up at Tudor in the helicopter Look, its an engine driver From David Shepherd`s archive, a view of the station at the very beginning of the ESR, with conclusive proof that the station house was built from Lego bricks From David Shepherd`s archive, work starts on the foundations for the shed, while amazingly, part of the orignal steel shed remains standing. 92203 `Black Prince` Triumphant! The recordbreaking haul of 2143 tonnes at Foster Yeomans Quarry Dubsey` with Norman Smith at the regulator bravely climbs up to the coaling stage with more work for Marcks` Mob Another aerial study of ESR, showing the shed, yard and part of Cranmore West Station The scene in Cranmore car park on Vintage Vehicle Weekend. A feast of pure nostalgia with Morris Dancing adding a touch of variety. The scene in Cranmore car park on Vintage Vehicle Weekend. A feast of pure nostalgia with Morris Dancing adding a touch of variety.