Maps showing proposed extensions and branches for the East Somerset Railway Enthusiasts day 1985 and 47493 heads a freight train 92203 `Black Prince` leaves Cranmore Station with a train for Mendip Vale, Enthusiasts Dat 1985 Dean Knights and Pat Goodfellow at work in the lock shed erecting the plastic tent ready for painting the coaches for the 1986 season Dave Fear & Doug Ellis take a well-earned rest next to the 4 year wonder, BR Brake W43264 No.3739 at Shepton Mallet with the 3.17pm from Frome to Bristol via Yatton. 465xxx class no.46525 outside Wells sub-shed being prepared for the evening freight to Bristol West depot Castle Class no.5041 "Tiverton Castle" approacing Yatton Station with the down Plymouth Express 8750 class no.4636 approaching Wanstrow Station with a Saturday morning freight from Westbury to Wells "Sorry, Mr French - black smoke does NOT cause hair loss! We can only admit to making Ann Sartin`s windows dirty!" "She`s back!" 75029 "The Green Knight" returns at speed from mendip Vale on her first run. In this picture, 75029 is not yet restored to full glory, being finished in undercoat only. "Black Prince" leaves Cranmore Station on Easter Sunday "Jinty" no.47493 enters Cranmore Station on Easter Sunday Site prior to work to build the carriage shed The track lifted and the site levelled, ready for a start to be made on the carriage shed on the site o the former coaling stage Chris Shermin at work on the restored frame Cranmore Station and car park taken over by the film makers Cranmore Station and car park taken over by the film makers Cranmore Station and car park taken over by the film makers The DMU special train in Cranmore Station The changing face of the car park. Drainage pipes have been installed and levelling carried out. The site of the new entrance is also marked The ESR Sales stand at Andover Station. The ESR Sales stand at Andover Station, with a very frozen Don in charge. Easter Monday and 92203 and 47493 double head the train to Mendip Vale "Royal Day" at Cranmore. 92203 with the Royal Train headcode The Rotal Visit - H.R.H. Prince Michael of Kent and H.R.H Princess Alexandra discuss 92203 with David Shepherd and Chris Harris. H.R.H. Prince Michael of kent at the controls of 92203. Filming the HTV production "Flashback". Alan Eadle with actor Graham Stark before Alan received his 1940 hair cut. The Royal Visit - H.R.H. Princess Alexandra meets Rex Tilley. The Chairman with out royal guests leaving the Wildlife Centre The Chairman and Barry Buckfield say farewell to H.R.H. Prince Michael as he prepares to depart from Cranmore in his helicopter 75029 The Green Knight at Cranmore, looking even better than the day she left Swindon Works in 1954 GWR 56xx no.6634 undergoing restoration. To alleviate drainage problems at the Shepton Mallet end of the shed, ditches have had to be dug alongside No.3 road 75029 "The Green Knight" at Cranmore shed. Many of the volunteers who restored 75029 "The Green Knight", celebrate with champagne at Merryfield Lane. Dave Fear salvages parts from a scrapped door on a sunny afternoon. Civil Week 1986. Laying tarmac on the footpath to the shed Rob and Phil take a break from digging the trenches which are now filled with concrete, form the carriage shed foundations. Civil week 1986 On our other railway! The scene at Whipsnade, Friday evening July 25th 1986 Ron Druce and Fireman George Shields on 75029 at the Royal Opening of the ESR 20th June 1975 Ron Druce and George Shields re-create the picture taken 11 years earlier as they pose on 75029, 27th September 1986 47493 Jinty under full power in Doulting Cutting