L to R: Pat Goodfellow, Roger Watkins and Terry Smythe take a break from the demolition of the old water tower tank Enthusiasts Weekend 1984 - saw large crowds at Cranmore and one of the first steamings of the then newly-restored 0-4-0ST 1719 Lady Nan Cranmore Station - GWR Iron Railings erected. Enthusiasts weekend - Austerity 68005 and Junty 47493 double head a train to Mendip Vale The E1 had progressed to this advanced state by March 1988 - on the locomotive from L to R are Trevor Mussett, Pete Chandler and restoration leader Ben Goodman. Note the completed carriage shed brickwork in the background. The E1 boiler is lifted in the air prior to its loading on the lorry which took it to Warrington. Roger Watkins and Dick Bellchambers (on lorry) pictured with the E1 boiler shortly before its removal to Barlows of Warrington for repair. Pat Goodfellow positions the lifting slings on the E1 boiler prior to its removal to Warrington for repair A completed front view of the Carriage Shed. Tracklaying has commenced and had reached the entrance to the shed by Easter Monday S1000S sits in the shed yard minus one bogie which was receiving repairs to one wheelset. LBSCR E1 No.110 pictured before restoration commenced in September 1986 On shed - 1719 Lady Nan slowly raises steam for yet another Pilot Working. L to R: Barry Arthurs, Terry Smyth, Ralph Lemon, "Sooty" Pillinger, Pat Goodfellow and Ian Barnfield pictured with the newly laid track for the Carriage Shed. LNWR Brake van - Right hand side before work commenced. L to R: John Rees, Ann West, Denise Graham Turner, Pat Goodfellow and Dave Fear pictured at the now closed Marcroft Wagon Works at Radstock after the recovery of our new Vacuum Test Plant. LNWR Brake van - left hand side and Veranda after restoration Ron Whipsnade shed foreman with his beloved class 7 no.390. Cranmore Sept.1986 - the team together again smiles all around. 1398 Lord Fisher in the Shed Yard taken from a rather unusual location high up on the water tower Dick Bellchambers cleans the motion of 1719 Lady Nan Ernie Offer descaes the underside of the tender tank of 9F 2-10-0 92203 Black Prince. The P-way gang work on the newly laid floor in the Carriage Shed 4MT 4-6-0 75029 The Green Knight pulls away from Cranmore with a Santa Train to Mendip Vale.