The old station building at Westbury-Sub-Mendip - parts of this building will be used in the construction of the new restaurant/shop to built in the car park. Roy West at work on the new door runners for LSWR box van 47754 outside the carraige shed. A view of one of the new water tanks under construction for 0-6-0 E1 No.110 in position on the locomotive. Inset: Newly re-metalled axle boxes recently returned to Cranmore for 0-6-2 5600 tank no.6634 Taken by part owner, Dick Bellchambers on his visit to barlows of Widnes, the E1 boiler sits on its side to facilitate repairs, note the repairs completed on the smokebox tubeplate Taken by part owner, Dick Bellchambers on his visit to barlows of Widnes, a view into the E1 firebox, note also the repairs carried out to the lap joint (seam), centre brighter area of firebox. The footbridge being loaded for its recent departure to the Battlefield line. S43264 newly repainted stands alongside the carriage shed after its outshopping. Driver Steve Marcks (L) and Fireman Alan Eadle (R) pictured in front of 1719 Lady Nan during a break in shunting. The new side tanks take shape for E1 on the workshop floor during April. A view into the Boiler Barrel of Dubs Crane Tank 4101 from the smokebox end showing clearly the firebox tubeplate. A view from the past - David Shepherd raises a tankard surrounded by other working members at an unofficial celebration to mark the opening of the then new Engine Shed. Sleeping car 1767 gutted and awaiting firing. Sleeping car 1767 in the process of being fired. Jerry West cuts up the underframe of sleeping car 1767 1719 `Lady Nan` at Wallingford. 1719 `Lady Nan` on display at Wroughton The end of an era: Jinty 47493 pictured near Maesdown Bridge with the last train of the day, its last official passenger train before its withdrawl for works attention 1719 Lady Nan returns to Cranmore Depot with a works train from Mendip Vale during Civil Week 1987 Removal of materials for re-use in the new restaurant/shop at Cranmore took place courtsey of Sooty & gang at Lodge Hill Station, Westbury-sub-Mendip 75029 Green Knight at Cranmore Station Jinty 47493 at Merryfield Lane halt. Other materials came from Priory Road Goods Shed, Wells and in this picture, the P-Way gang start the unloading process at Cranmore Merryfield Lane halt in the course of repainting during Civil Week 1989 The `Train Staff` - Driver, Fireman, Guard and Crossing Keeper at Cranmore West - await the return of 1719 Lady nan with Works Train from Mendip Vale