Cranmore Christmas Card - Santa Special with "Joem" Winter at Cranmore. "A long way from Africa !" 390 in the snow at Cranmore TSO 4562 and BG81156 shining read in the sun before Santa Specials David and Graham Roberts with 390 at Cranmore Restoration work on the African coach at Whipsnade The new face of the ESR - The new complex, Easter Sunday, one year on from cutting the first sod. A remarkable achievment. HST at Cranmore Employment trainees preparing the entrance area for grass Employment trainees restore the Victorian Gents Loo Our new arrival being unloaded at Cranmore 69023 on her way home - E.L.R. no.1 arrival for a short stay The morning departure of The Royal Scotsman, 8am at Cranmore One of the dining cars on The Royal Scotsman at Cranmore The Observation Car on The Royal Scotsman at Cranmore The `Tail End` of the visit Just to prove we DO have 3 working loco`s at Cranmore Ann`s kitchen and staff Alan French welcomes you to the new complex, Easter Sunday Part of the new Restaurant at Cranmore Editor`s son experiences the new punishment for those who sneak in without paying ! New motive power on the ESR ? Barry Buckfield Whater are Buckfield and Walker doing with `Joem` ? No wonder the woodwork on the house has rotted !  Complements to Barry Buckfield and Keith Walker ELR No.1 at Cranmore Station Hugh Shrubsole painting inside the toolbox of Black Prince`s tender Eddie Brown fixing top panels on the side tanks of the E1 The Country Railway - 0-6-0 No.1 departs mendip Vale with the last trip of the day 705, with 1719 "Lady Nan", arrive at Merryfield Lane 705 - The new arrival at Cranmore, owned by Nicholas Jeary