A shot taken from PBA 39 on a line inspection run.  The view is looking towards the Mendip Vale Distant Signal.  To its left is the footpath route, formed in early 2005, with the years scrub growth concealing it.  Task number one is to cut back the light growth and surface the path A shot looking down over the Occupation Bridge.  The footpath will run at the base of the embankment and will require considerable drainage because of the run off from the fields. Following the excavation of the drainage ditches, Aaron ducks as the first of the special drainage pipes is lowered into place by Barney and the two Toms, with Nick ready to lend a hand.  These are special perforated pipes to allow the field run off to drain into the pipe and then be channelled through existing culverts    The pipe in situ before backfilling Ken Slade (foreground) and Matt Cooke (background)take a breather as they install retaining boards for the path along the foot of the embankment.  The black drainage pipes installed the previous month can just be seen on the right hand side. Breather over and the opportunity for some controlled burning of cut down material. New volunteer Grant works his way through some brambles With all the workers back on board the Brake Van, 705 appears ready for the off - a rare steam hauled Engineer's Train.  Given the family relationship between Engine Driver (son Steve Masters) and photographer one can only assume that the elder Masters was driving home that night... A long shot along the course of the footpath that runs below the embankment. Work continued with general clearing up of undergrowth        Work concentrates on the fencing of the footpath, particulalry the back breaking work of installing the posts.  Nick Waton and Dave Bartlett are pictured hard at work. Writing with some ill disguised glee, our correspondent also mentioend the failure of Sentinel Diesel PBA39 which was rostered on the works trains.  Rescue came in the form of `Yankee Tank` 30075. THe formation is pictured at the top of the 1:56 bank passing under the `tramway` bridge heading back to Cranmore. Once the posts had been successfully installed, the next job was the wire.  This picture shows a completed section of the fence as 5637 passes the distant signal heading towards Merryfield Lane. Ken Slade cuts a lonely figure as he works away at fixing wire to the fence posts.  Approximatley 3/4 of the path has now been finished. The Grand Opening of the footpath.  Local Author Sue Gearing stands in front of `Yankee Tank` nr 30075 with ESR Chairman Dick Masters (left) and ESR Commercial Director Frank Barrett (right) Sue Gearing cuts the ribbon at the foot of the steps where the footpath meets the platform at Mendip Vale Sue poses with volunteers who helped in the footpath construction, from left to right, Geoff Allen, James Turner, Sue Gearing, Dick Masters and Nick Waton.  The pictures in the two galleries highlight the many other people involved in the footpath construction Installation of new signage at the entrance to the footpath.