At the end of the Spring Civil Week, this picture shows some of the new new timbers laid underneath the single slip on the approach to Cranmore Station - some of which were laid in blizzard conditions! `Yankee Tank` 30075 is prepared in rediness for its departure to the Mid Hants Railway for their Guildford Gala Grant, Barney and James getting stuck into some of the cleaning 30075 is stabled in the Tanker Sidings awaiting its chauffeur to take it to Alresford The newly refurbished Booking office looks resplendent, ready for the new season Another shot of the Booking office The 11 March saw the 5637 Loco Owning Group spend a day at the ESR and get the opportunity to `cab` their engine.  Pictured here with the figure of Driver Roger Cooke in the cab door, 5637 heads passed the distant signal towards Cranmore on one of the many trips that day.  In the foreground is the fence erected as part of the construction of the new footpath. BR Standard Brake Van 43298 sits in the workshop as it undergoes a superficial overhaul before our big Somerset & Dorset Themed Spring Gala What a difference a few weeks make!  Looking resplendent in a new coat of paint, Jerry West`s Standard Brake Van sits in the Workshop.  Now all we have to do is get it out for the gala... It was a warm spring day at Cranmore on the 29 March and PBA 39, posing at the Distant Signal, with Brian and Roger in the cab are on an essential job as the next photo explains... ...Can you find us some photos of Broad Gauge `Bridge Rail` in use as fenceposts said Steam Railway Magazine.  So off we went Some of the many people who make the operation of the ESR possible, both volunteers and staff.