In the winter sun, Lord Fisher sits in steam outside the engine shed at Midsomer Norton, its temporary home for the next three months In a blast of steam, Lord Fisher leaves the engine shed ready to take up its `Driver for a Fiver` Duties Off into the morning sun? A shot of Fisher taken from the embankment above the station On an overcast Saturday, the 5 March 2006, the weekend marking the 40th anniversary of the closure of the S&D, Lord Fisher prepares to shunt the first freight from the up main since the closure.  Driver Geoff Akers is at the Regulator and off she goes... This time it is the first shunt from the up main in 40 years.  The wooden frames of the new signal box on the platform to the left. Lord Fisher seems to make light work of her train of wagons comprising a `Dogfish` hopper wagon `barbel` open wagon, box van and Brake Van. Lord Fisher crosses from the Up Main to the Down Main with her short freight train Geoff Akers acknowledges a signal as Lord Fisher heads down the Down Main with her freight train Ready for the Off!  Fisher sits in the Down Platform at Midsomer Norton