4764 sits in the Tanker Sidings at Cranmore following its arrival on the 21 March from the Blunsdon Headquarters of the Swindon & Cricklade Railway where it had previoulsy been based. A view inside showing the substantially complete interior.  Only two tables are required as well as a heavy clean and re-varnishing / painting A view of one of the table bays.  As the vehicle was funded from donations to a restricted fund, the gift aid that will be reclaimed is to be set aside for the re-upholstering of the coach removing the different moquettes (seen in the last picture) and the threadbare patches visible here Were racking our brains on this one?!  Any ideas then drop us an email! The central vestibule shows that some of the doors need replacing and the general level of wear to the woodwork The toilet will need a good clean too, but we`ve seen worse... The south side is in much better condition overall than the North (Picture 1)