Well we thought it would be a great `April Fool` to put 30075 in the skip but it isn`t very convincing - and the owners might not be too happy!  To get as much shunting done as possible two engines were used.  30075 was steamed to assist PBA 39 in the multitude of tasks necessary around the site to get ready for the gala.  She is shown having come round for coal and to pick up some wagins `out the back`. The `work to be done` board in the shed - as you can see a lot had to be done before the final task...  And yes this picture has been digitally altered slightly! Next task was to fish out Jerry West`s cosmetically restored BR Standard Brake Van which was tucked away in the back of the workshop.  To do that, Lady Nan`s frames and the `lowmac` wagon the boiler was sat on had to be removed.  30075 dives into the workshop to pick these up The frames and boiler were stabled on the back road for a while. A quick shot in the cab of 30075.  Driver Steve Masters and (trainee) Fireman Barney Casey are on the footplate. Not a great photo, but once `Nan` had been removed, the next task was to move the gantry crane to allow 30075 to get at the brake van.  Richard, Steve, Andy, Keith and Barney do the honours. Its been a while since 30075 was in the workshop, and hopefully the only times she will be in here for the next 8 years are for reasons like this.  With the crane moved, 30075 buffers up to the Brake Van I am not coming out until it stops raining... Oh well if I must... 30075 and the Brake Van appear out of the workshop into the light of day Keith Nicklen is leaning on the Veranda of the Brake Van as they head towards the bottom headshunt An ex-works shot of the Brake Van looking rather nice - testiment to the loving care lavished on it by the Workshop team. Leaving PBA 39 to do the shunting in the yard, 30075 sped off to Merryfield Lane with the wagons that weren`t required for the gala.  Having deposited the wagons, we returned to the depot to find that one of the goods trains (the `engineers` train) had been formed by the second shunting crew.  So we took that off their hands to create a bit more space and headed for Mendip Vale headshunt where it was to be stabled.  (The principle of the gala was to go out with one type of freight train and back with another).  The formation passes under the old tramway bridge at the top of the bank The `engineers` train drifts down through the cutting towards Mendip Vale With that task done, we returned this time to Cranmore for the next task.  Dick Masters was putting up the new station name boards that had been created in his garage - very professional they looked too. He had already done the other station name board by that stage With the new picnic benches needing to go to Merryfield Lane and a nameboard need at Mendip Vale, off we set again.  Pictures of the benches travelling can be seen in the Merryfield Lane restoration gallery, but this shot shows 30075 and brake van waiting to head to Mendip Vale And another shot, smokebox first this time. A new station name board at Mendip Vale, this time `Highbridge` as we were recreating the Highbridge branch.  Dick does the honours, assisted by Tom Yardley The poster that shows our Mendip Vale to Maesdown Road Footpath is now open. The opening was deliberately without ceremony, but an official opening ceremony will be organised later in the year involving all those who worked hard on the footpath  Leabing Mendip Vale and blasting up through the cutting, the engines exhaust fills the cutting behind us.  For us it was back to finish off the shunting, dispose the engine and head towards a local hostelry.  Thanks to Steve, Barney, Roger, Keith, Richard, Andy, Grant, Rory, Dick and Tom - the preparation crew.