The morning sun reflects off carriages stored at the shed.  The photo was taken at about 6am just as the engines were being lit up for the day ahead Dave Fear and Nick Thayer produced a photo board showing the route of the Highbridge Branch and inserted pictures of the line as it is now.  Over the course of the weekend it was mounted on Nan`s Frames in the workshop The Notice Board at Highbridge (Mendip Vale) Station with a replica closure notice 5637 at Highbridge (Mendip Vale) taken from the footpath having run round the first passenger service of the day and preparing to depart on the return journey 30075 storms out of the loop at Mendip Vale with the Engineer`s Train on its first outing of the day Trainee Guard James Turner leans on the veranda of the Standard Brake Van watching the shunting taking place.  The `Highbridge` nameboard is in the background Back at Evercreech Junction (Cranmore) a number of vans had been carefully stabled with vintage vehicles to create an authentic cameo. Another cameo was vintage vehicles arranged outside the old station building.  In this shot motorcycles mix with the `Road - Up` Gang. Station Pilot, 705 shunts the BR Standard Brake Van in the Tanker Sidings adjacent to the earlier cameo In readiness to move the large freight train out of the yard and into the station loop, Driver Dick Masters puts sand on the rails to help get the train moving.  A green flag from Movements Supervisor Dave Clarke manning the road crossing. 705 departs the Tanker Sidings with her freight (the first wagons are low wagons and are obscured by the fence).  In another cameo shot, she passes a vintage lorry with the Cranmore Down Starter Signal in the foreground 705 sits at the head of the freight train she has shunted into the loop.  In typically modest fashion her Driver professed that he never had a doubt that his engine could do the job on her own! A small child looks on as 5637 runs light through the platform road to come onto the rear of the freight train in the loop. The Evercreech Junction Nameboards on both the Signal Box and the running in board are visible.      5637 passes the signal box heading towards its freight train 5637 departs with a late morning passenger service, with two vans at the head of the passenger rake. Another cameo shot, this time looking past WH Smiths to 705 stabled in the yard with some Milk Tanks.  A vintage taxi is in the middle distance.  A replica closure notice can just be seen in the window of the kiosk Another shot of the saem cameo, without WH Smiths A closure notice in the window of WH Smiths 5637 returns to Evercreech Junction with an `up` departure from Highbridge With swapping freight trains at the `end of the world` a little bit of shunting was necessary.  30075 sits in the loop awaiting 5637 to shunt the BR Standard Brake Van into the loop for them to pick up. Guard Mike Kelham guides the Driver throughout the shunting move that sees the Brake Van transferred to the loop and coupled to 30075 5637 hauls the wagons out of the headshunt into the platform, clear of the loop point to allow 30075 to come onto the rear with the Brake Van and bank the freight train back to Cranmore 5637 returns to the loop at Cranmore with an Engine Brake Van move 705 ready as ever 5637 sits in the headshunt at Mendip Vale about to restart after picking up the wagins stabled there These wagons are then hauled into the loop before being coupled to the wagons shown in the platform The newly shunted freight train sits awaiting the `right away` from the Guard A shot showing the freight train and the `Highbridge` Station nameboard A little bit of fun... The `Pines Express` (!) leaves with a down departure A shot of all three engines, 705 leading, heading for shed to dispose.  The W&D generator van came to - to be reunited with the W&D set!