Thomas the Tank Engine stands in Cranmore station waiting to take out first train of the day. Driver Phil Hopkins in charge of Thomas for the first train of the day from ... Knapford station ! Thomas waits for the whistle on the first train of the day from Cranmore/Knapford. "Off we go", says Thomas as he leaves the station. Thomas leaving Cranmore. Thomas pulling the train slowly over the new trackwork. Driver Phil checks to see that the train is clear of the new pointwork and then ... ... opens the regulator ! On the brake van rides, Diesel peeks in the open window. From the veranda of the brake van. Guard Dave Clarke and his residence for the day. Brake van rides in the tanker sidings. Crowds wait for the return of Thomas. "Here he comes". Thomas leaves Cranmore West platform on his way back to Cranmore. Thomas approaches Cranmore. Thomas approaches Cranmore and the waiting crowds. Whilst Thomas takes a well-earned rest, 30075 prepares to take out the next train. Driver John Scott and Fireman Linda Cowen on the footplate of 30075, preparing to take out the next train. 30075 sets off with the next train. 30075 passes under the new starter signal on the way to Cranmore West platform. Thomas basks in the spring sunshine. "Lord Fisher" on driver for a fiver duties in Cranmore depot. Thomas sets off from Cranmore. Thomas approaches Cranmore West platform. 30075 climbs the bank from Mendip Vale. 30075 passes the Mendip Vale distant signal, climbing the bank towards Merryfield Lane halt. Thomas sets off from Mendip Vale station. Thomas climbing the bank from Mendip Vale. Thomas passing under Maesdown Road bridge on his way to Merryfield Lane halt. Grant and friend!  30075 is prepared for the busy day ahead Thomas and 30075 sit side by side at Cranmore Station Visitors watch Thomas` fireman couple him to his carriages ready for the return journey 30075 drifts down through the cutting with an outbound train heading for Mendip Vale 30075 is pictured running round her train Looking up at Thomas and Driver Jerry West as she passes by on the way to Mendip Vale Thomas runs round his train at Mendip Vale Sir Topham Hatt, The Fat Controller, signs autographs Thomas and his friends taken from the road bridge            Peep Peep went Thomas... Thomas and his happy visitors Thomas sits in the shed after a busy day Even `Toad` (and Fireman Paul Ebsworth!) are tired as well!