Thomas approaches Knapford (Cranmore) Station with the final train of the first day of the Thomas event Thomas is getting closer! ...before he passes Toad has also had a busy day giving brake van rides and rests in the yard at Knapford Along with PBA 39. Day 2 sees Thomas accompanied by his friend the `Big Black Engine`, aka resident ESR loco nr 30075. Both Thomas and the Big Black Engine take it in turns to operate trains, but on the 2pm service they run double headed.  The pair are shown at Ffarquhar (Mendip Vale) running round the train before the return journey. Sir Topham Hatt, the Fat Controller, adopts a jaunty pose - pleased at the days events. The Knapford Station Running In Board Even Thomas` coaches need a good clean sometimes.  The ESR Gangers give the fibreglass coach a good clean under the watchful eye of Mrs Yardley, the Company`s Financial Controller. A new visitor is taken to the Locomotive works at Knapford Depot by PBA 39 and Toad so that she can be mended. Day 3 of Thomas` visit sees him run round his train, passing the signal box to work his second train of the day. Thomas pauses at Knapford Depot Station to let passengers alight to see what is going on at the Depot. They immediatly find Lord Fisher pootling up and down the yard letting some of the older guests have a turn at being his driver. A bit later, Thomas returns to Knapford Depot to top up her tanks.  The Big Black ENgine (30075) accompanies him to make sure he doesn`t get lost! Thomas runs into the yard along `3` Road towards the water column. Thomas sits under the water column taking water. 30075 passes by the depot with a train bound for Ffarquhar. After taking more water and coal, Thomas reurns to pull trains.  His Driver (Roger Cooke) is at the controls. A picture of 30075 taken through Thomas cab window as the pair haul another doubleheaded train. Day 4 of Thomas` visit saw him paired with our other resident `Big Black Engine` nr 5637, a Great Western Engine like Duck and City of Truro. The pair are shown at Ffarquhar running round the final train of Thomas` visits.