Taken from the permissive footpath that links Mendip Vale station with the main road, this shot shows `Yankee Tank` 30075 drifting towards Mendip Vale station with a fitted freight service with Driver Jerry West in charge. From the same location, a superb shot of 30075 storming back up the 1:56 bank passed the distant signal with the return working. The same train captured a few moments later. 56xx nr 5637 is pictured coming to a stand at Mendip Vale station with a mixed passenger service, the leading two vehicles in the consist being milk tanks.  Driver Richard Taylor watching for the stop board. 30075 trailing and 5637 leading run round their train at Mendip Vale. Back at Cranmore Station it is the `little and large` show.  Barclay 0-4-0ST nr 1398 `Lord Fisher`, driven in this shot by Driver Dick Masters, is acting as station pilot and is shown coupled to 5637 as the pair head out of the loop onto the main line.