On the 16 August 2006 the ESR played host to three children from the Chernobyl area, who were staying nearby with their interpreter as guests of Belorussian Ray of Hope.

Belorussian Ray of Hope is a group that provide an opportunity for children from the Chernobyl area to get a holiday in the UK, which helps to build up the health.

The Trowbridge support group contacted the East Somerset Railway, to explore the possibility of a visit with three boys, aged 9 - 11 years, with the interpreter.  After the visit we received a thank you plate from the boys which is currently being displayed in the Cranmore ticket office.

A shot showing work taking place on the single slip just outside Cranmore Station, taken during the ESR`s Permanent Way Gang`s annual September Civil Week. PBA 39 makes a foray to Merryfield Lane during the mid-week.