Ex-LBSCR E1 0-6-0T No.110 leaving Mendip Vale on the last Santa Special of the day. Bryan Dyson, Mark Clarke, Tony Woods and Pete Chandler. Didcot based Ex-GWR 4-6-0 "Castle" 5029 Nunney Castle pulls alongside Ex-BR Standard Class 4 4-6-0 75029 The Green Knight at Cranmore station during its recent visit in October. 5029 Nunney Castle pulls into Cranmore David Shepherd drys the station seats prior to the start of another busy day. Signalman Bryan Dyson accepts the line token at Mendip Vale during the Mendip Steam Dream weekend in October. BR Standard Brake Van 49028 stands outside the shed following its recent repaint. 92203 Black Prince storms away from Mendip Vale during Mendip Steam Dream last year. Santa with some of his recent visitors - does anyone know who the little boy is ? Santa with some of his recent visitors - 7.5 months old Joseph Parfitt No caption Mothers Day 1995 - D6535 (33116) Hertfordshire Rail Tours arrives at Cranmore with the Ocean Liner Express Special from London. What`s this then ? A Crompton at Cranmore ! L-R Laurie Hopkins, John Pointon, Dave and young Christopher Fear, Tony Woods, John Greathead and Alan Jeffries. Smile Please .... Mr & Mrs Fry from Chard study the Cast Iron Gents loo One hundred years apart B110 (built 1877) in the company of HST Power Car 43031 (built 1977) at Cranmore Depot 75029 The Green Knight at Cranmore Station 705 in action on Brake Van rides in the Tanker Sidings. 1719 Lady Nan during Mendip Steam Dream 1994 in Cranmore Depot An E1 in BR Service Spring Steam B110 on the return 15:30 from Mendip Vale. Looks like fish again tonight for supper guys !!! Ralph Lemon inspects the ongoing drainage work at Mendip Vale. Another view of the Mendip Vale drainage work Friends of Thomas event photo feature - featuring Fred Greenaway, Chris Baker and SImon Pullen as the Fat Controller 5029 Nunney Castle at Cranmore 1398 Lord Fisher in the Workshop Britain in Bloom award Pat Christiansen explains the finer points of the Railway Preservation to Grass Royal County Junior School Yeovil. Alan Jeffries damps down ashes from 75029 after Steam Dream photographic evening. Steam Dream 1995 Steam Dream 1995 Steam Dream 1995 4101 Crane Tank in the shed prior to its recentrepaint Andy Norman cleans out the smokebox of the E1 92203 Black Prince crosses Summerseat Viaduct on the The East Lancs Railway