The `during` in the Whistlestop redecoration.  Frank Barrett is sanding down woodwork One window fully sanded, but much more woodwork to go... The back corner showing the extensive level of sanding and filling. A shot looking towards the kitchen, a removed cupboard shows up tiling for the first time in over 10 years! Jeff Bown`s hard work in reinstating the traditional GWR spear fencing is shown in this shot with the gate mechanism and pit installed. Another view of the fencing A newly refurbished and painted panel drying in the workshop Geoff Allen in charge of the fire during a lineside clearance working party west of Merryfield Lane Station Brian Laitt gets to grip with the brambles at the top of the cutting Tom Bailey `abseils` down the cutting to cut back brambles. The `after`, the finished restaurant taken from the same angle as picture 3 Dick Masters sets up the presentation for the working members meeting in the newly completed Whistlestop on the 24 February Approximately 25 working volunteers and staff attended the meeting to listen to progress on the working parties over the closed season and listen to some of the general news of the railway.  See our news pages for more information. Nick Waton and Matt Lindsay work on the refurbishment of the Mendip Vale `Running In` Board Brake Coach 35207 sits outside the carriage shed.  This vehicle will be having a door overhaul and full repaint into its Crimson and Cream livery TSO 4562 without the corridor connection as work progresses on cutting out and replacing corroded panelling A shot along the north west corner of the coach showing the extent of work required A shot in the workshop of the `Esso` Sentinel undergoing its bodywork overhaul Paul Ebsworth and apprentice Tom Bailey cutting out new end panels for the TSO. Matt sanding down the Crimson & Cream BSK in preparation for the painting Jeff Bown welding new paneling in place on the west end of the TSO and Jerry West grinding the weld back.