Every gala needs preparation and the day before saw the bi-annual mega shunt to find all the wagons and then sort them out into the formation.  Driver Jerry West in charge of 30075 whistles at the approach to Cranmore West crossing with another shunting move.  Newly passed out Fireman Barney Casey is on the other side of the cab. 30075 eases out of the Tanker Sidings with a rake of wagons The same movement taken from a different angle. At the depot after a successful steam test, 6695 awaits the gala whilst behind, ESR Journal Editor and Steamraiser Andy Luness gives 5637 some tender loving care 30075 sits in the early morning sunshine outside the shed by the column. In the shed 5637, 6695 and Lady Nan are also starting their day. A few hours later and crews have booked on and started the task of oiling up and preparing their engines for the day ahead 30075`s first move of the gala was to propel two milk tanks down onto the service train.  She is pictured here at the depot awaiting the token from a returning passenger train.  Driver Phil Hopkins in charge with newly passed out fireman Rory Edwards 6695 returns with the 13:30 passenger service while 5637 waits in the loop at Cranmore Station for her next turn A similar shot taken from the old footpath that led from the road to the former `down` platform Driver John Scott, in charge of 5637 for the day with Firewoman Linda Cowen, leans out his cab, Special Traffic Notice in hand checking the next move as 6695 couples onto the front of 5637.  The pair then move to the Tanker Sidings to work the final freight service of the day. The double headed freight service drifts down through Doulting Cutting (past the point where Eddie Kidd jumped across)on route for Mendip Vale with the afternoon Freight Train. Having past the Distant Signal and about to dive under Maesdown Road Bridge and into the Cutting, 5637 leads the return working with 6695 banking. Having returned to Cranmore, both engines sit in the loop taking water whilst crews take advantage of the sunshine and the lull in activity.  In the foreground are Driver Steve Masters and Firman Nick Thayer in charge of 6695 for the day. The final train of the day - a double headed passenger service.  5637 and 6695 run round onto the stock. The pair are pictured coupled onto the stock and waiting the `right away`from Guard Mike Kelham. The pair are pictured at Mendip Vale before the return working 5637 comes on shed to go under the column before disposing.  In the background 6695 awaits a clear road to go round to get coal. 5637 takes water under the column with Driver John Scott keeping an eye on proceedings Gala day two and with both engines off shed early an opportunity arose to pose them both outside the Signal Box.      6695 then coupled onto the stock ready for the first train 5637 departs Cranmore with her first passenger service, the 12:30 departure For operational reasons an extra brake van was added to the train on the sunday.  The GW `Toad` Brake Van sits on the end of the train framed by the Cranmore running in board, the new paling fence and the Victorian gents toilet 30075 and 6695 sit in the loop with two milk tankers sandwiched between them Driver John Greathead and Fireman Paul Ebsworth pose by their engine as it sits in the cripple siding.  Comments that they were being sent to Coventry fell on deaf ears... 6695 leading 5637 prepares to depart with the last freight service of the day.  Driver Dick Bellchambers with Fireman Ken Slade on 6695 and Driver Jerry West and Fireman Barney Casey on 5637. The final passenger service of the gala rolls back into Cranmore in the afternoon sun The three engines sit in Cranmore Station, 5637 `hiding` behind 6695. The final move of the gala.  With 30075 leading the engines return to shed and dispose.