A cutaway rendering of the proposed roof showing the three smoke vents and one of the five steel trusses.  The AutoCAD image was used to create working drawings An internal rendering of the shed with roof in place Hopefully very close to the final look.  A shot of the shed with the new roof digitally added.  The only thing missing is the smoke vents. The five new roof trusses, manufactured by volunteers sit in the shed prior to installation awaiting painting. A very unusual view of the Engine Shed!  This shot was taken from the cherry picker used to remove the old trusses, and taken after works were complete.  The newly rebuilt gable end is evident in this shot as are the painted trusses waiting installation.        The workforce!  Jerry West, [Structural Engineer] Derek Robinson and Keith Nicklen A close up of the shed showing the rebuilt gable end.  To the east end of the shed, two of the trusses have been installed and the purlins are being lifted into place. A shot of the crane lifting purlins in place As before, but taken looking east An inside shot.  Jerry West and Derek Robinson are in the Cherrypicker and Barney Casey, Steve Masters and Keith Nicklen are watching. An overall shot of the action 24 hours later and all five trusses are installed and the purlins advancing along the roof Inside the view is also very different The Shed recieves its first visitor as 30075 is pushed in to check spacing for smoke hoods A mood shot A close up shot of the East gable end showing the new purlins tied back to the inner skin of brickwork Work is now completed on the structural elements with all purlins and tie bars installed.  Next operation is to commence cladding.  The materials have started to arrive with contractors due to start on the 26 May 2007 The roof cladders have started!  The east end of the shed gets the first roof sheets installed. A close up of the detail where the roof sheets meet the gable end.  Some making good and end detailing will be carried out here. The wooden circular vents that will be reinstated into the gable. A view of inside looking up at a roof for the first time in nearly three years. Barney Casey jet washes the walls in preparation for whitewashing A shot along the shed - you can just see the extent of the roof panels in the background Work contined apace over the Bank Holiday weekend and 50% of the roof had been completed.  Here the `Ganger`s are pictured painting the walls on the morning of the visit by the Cathedrals Express Another shot showing the extent of the roof coverage Work on the Shed roof is reaching its conclusion.  This shot is the `after` to the `before` of Picture Nr 8 This time a shot taken from inside showing the progress on painting. Stitch repair to the inner skin of the engine shed wall The Yankee Tank pictured under cover in the shed.  The water on the floor indicates a little bit of flashing work remains outstanding around the smoke vents. Out of traffic 5637 and the frames of the E1 sit in the dry Steelwork has arrived for the new shed doors Just because the shed roof is finished, it is not the end of the story!  Much work still remains to be done on things like the electrics and new shed doors.  This shot shows the frame for the new West / Shepton end door on `3` Road.  Planking to be added in the coming week. A panoramic shot from the main road showing the depot, with the re-roofed shed in the centre with a close up of the engine shed New lighting has been added in the Loco Shed. New power sockets and air lines will follow. Keith and Jerry finishing the wiring for the shed lighting.