30075 runs down onto the next passenger train. 30075 departs with a passenger train. 813 and 30075 double head a passenger train out of Cranmore.      Lady Nan pulls the Freight stock from the loop ready to return them to the tanker sidings. At the end of the day on Saturday, 813 broke a spring hanger. So the loco was positioned on the pit road in the shed and supported on jacks while the hanger was repaired. The broken spring hanger was repaired by welding the two halves back together and is seen here sat on the running plate. While the spring hanger was being repaired, there was quite a dramatic sunset following a sharp rain shower. With 813 repaired, it was back in use the following day and is seen here departing with a freight train from the depot to Mendip Vale. With the morning snow a dim memory, 813 sits at the head of the freight train in the Tanker Sidings before a trip working to the shed With 813 leading, the 13:30 double headed passenger service returns to Cranmore Lady Nan sits in the loop taking water after completing a shunting move and ready to return to the shed after the arrival of the last passenger train Lady Nan leads the procession of engines back to shed to dispose Lady Nan, with Driver Dave Orchard and Fireman Ken Slade, lead the procession back to the shed