Taken from the comfort of the Volunteers sleeping coach, Lady Nan is cpatured in the snow, early on the morning of the 6 April Lady Nan and 30075 sit on `2` Road after having been lit up With the snow falling heavily, 813 sits outside the shed on `3` Road whilst being lit up The water column and the `pipe` wagons containing bricks from the old Shepton Mallet High Street Station are covered in more than a light dusting of snow Lady Nan and 30075 sit on `2` Road in the snow 813 pictured from the shed 813 outside the shed in the snow Cranmore West Crossing Hut Cranmore West Station looking westwards, no tracks in the snow yet Locomotives under preparation.  The `Not to be moved` boards reflect off the side tanks of the engines The GWR Nr 2 Crane, the side  tanks of under restoration 56xx nr 5637 and the recently restored Fish Van are seen in the snow 30075`s Driver,  Jerry West chats with the steam raiser 15 mph... Rule 5.102 - All lamps must be lit during dark and falling snow. 30075 sits under the column, the snow having abated The ice that had formed overnight on 813 starts to melt A view of the shed looking west with 705 sat at the end of `2` Road The sun reflects off the Cranmore `Home` Signal The Toad Brakevan at the east end of the freight train in the Tanker Sidings didn`t miss out on the snow The freight train stabled overnight in the Tanker Sidings Snow has settled on the veranda of the Toad covering the spare vacuum hoses, sanders and other operating paraphenalia By 9am in the morning the snow is starting to melt, although still evident in this scene taken on ths station platform The snow helps express the reliefs on the Telephone Box