92203 Black Prince steaming through Doulting Cutting "Hello, Hello, Hello" Telephones donated by British Telecom. L to R John Penny, Chris Shermon, Steve McColl, Chris Butland, Fireman Laurie Hopkins on footplate of 705 ESRA exhibition stand at the Bristol Model Railway Club Exhibition Black Prince on "Friends of Thomas weekend" with Fireman Phil Hopkins and a visitor A visit from the Rover club A visit from the Lamborghini club David Shepherd putting his professional skills to good use yet again !! Yankee Tank at Cranmore Station Yankee Tank Acting General Manager, Pete Chandler Sir Topham Hat (The Fat Controller) Frank Toon taking a phot call on Cranmore Station, showing off the beautiful flowers which earned first prize in the "Mendip in Bloom" competition The 08 to the rescue Belinda and John Canning on their wedding day David Shepherd and one of our guest GI Brides Jackie Hopkins playing the part !! Bill Pertwee, Brian Pike, Chris Baker and Bills personal assistant on Cranmore station Jackie Baker and a POW on Cranmore Station Miltary Vehicle Sherman Tank on low loader Miltary personnel Miltary Vehicles Miltary vehicle Strode under camouflage Sharing a secret Miltary personnal Outside the NAAFI Parachute regiment Wanted - someone to stand behind here at exhibitions to promote the East Somerset Railway