Hertforshire railtour 5637 at Mendip Vale Cranmore Station in the summer Bill Pertwee on 5637 Thomas coming into Cranmore Station Another view of our lovely station in the summers Cranmore Station Valentines evening - note our newly renovated sign - thanks you to Les Seager Cranmore Station Valentines evening Hertfordshire tours arriving on 10th November 2001 Talisman Trains 5322 Completely refurbished inside and out by CTMS Foster Yeoman wagons reproduced for East Somerset Modes unfortunately they are now sold out Visitors to the East Somerset Railway during 2001 Another fine job done by CTMS Visitors to the East Somerset Railway during 2001 June Nailor showing off her medal No matter how old you are you can help !  Luis Greathead aged 5 years Harry Patch on his 103rd birthday. He was just presented with his Footplate certificate Harry Patch Bob from Berkeley Owls Santa lending a listening ear Swanage Kitchen car restored by CTMS Murder Mystery - Deadly vows The Wedding party - Murder mystery Footplate course for Pete Saunders Footplate course for Pete Saunders David Morgan visiting on Day out with Thomas Steve Masters Loco Superintendant Denyse and Nicks wedding day (a real wedding) Deadly Vows - Happy couple! (not a real wedding) Winners show solved the crime The gang Cranmore Signal Box, now undergoing restoration Cranmore signal box at start of restoration Loco 813 at work at Cranmore Station I only gave it a gentle tap! Phil, Chris Del and Laurie, after they have looked up the chimney. A very authentic looking `transfer`, as painted by Steve Masters on Loco 5637 Loco 30075 the last time she visited Cranmore 30075 as it looks today. Complete with new headlamp Loco No 705 on pilot duties mixed traffic weekend BBC TV filming on Press Release day Thomas looking very happy in May 2002 Loco 5637 at Mendip Vale Jubilee Day 2002 About Turn, I think! Military Vehicle Weekend We like all forms of Steam. Military Vehicle Weekend