Displaying the commemorative headboard, USA Tank nr 30075 is pictured at Mendip Vale Station In the Tanker Sidings, Lady Nan comes face to Face with Haulier John Antell`s Low Loader prior to her move to the quarry.  Nan is the last of the ESR stock to go down to the Quarry, 813 and the Brake Van having travelled earlier in the week ESR Volunteers assist in setting up the rails to load `Nan` onto the back of the wagon Gently does it... Lady Nan is secured for the journey Lady Nan is secured ready for the journey Reversing out of the Tanker Sidings Before taking a spin round the Car Park to turn And then heading off to the Quarry for unloading and passing into the care of Steve Masters and his team The Beattie Well Tank was stabled on the drop pit road at Merehead and was joined by the 9F tender as soon as it arrived on Tuesday. Next in the shed was the Medfit wagon having just been painted and was used as a coal supply wagon for 813, the Beattie Well Tank and 1719 Lady Nan. Another view of the freshly painted wagon. Black Prince arrived and was offloaded outside the shed at Merehead. The tender was reunited with the loco and squeezed up against the buffer stops to get the pin in. The 9F complete Black Prince was then shunted to the drop pit road. Once over the wheel drop pit, the brakes were adjusted, flexible pipes between engine and tender connected and an exam carried out. John Antel then delivered Lady Nan ready to do Driver For A Fiver trips. John`s next move was to take Steve and Jerry over to the far side of the departure roads where two hoppers were to be taken to Whatley to create a bit more space. John on his way to Whatley with a hopper wagon. Next to arrive was the S160 5197. The tender was off loaded first so that we could couple up to the loco once it was on the rails. Thursday afternoon and a warming fire is lit in Black Prince ready for a steam test the following day. Black Prince with the two Mendip Rail 08 Shunters. The S160 also had a warming fire lit while the hose was put into the tender.