Don`t believe everything you see on TV! It never rains at Cranmore which gave the crew some technical difficulties. This shot was mocked-up by running a hose from the shed water column to recreate a rainy day. Grant Bolton and Dee Stobie pretend to be cold and wet.
Director Chas Stoddard ready to film the return of the service train into Cranmore. Yes, he really exists! Director Chas Stoddard captures indisputable proof of Santa on camera. "Well, some blank DVDs, a new lens and ...". Santa and Director Chas Stoddard take a brief break.  Action! Director Chas Stoddard films arrival of the service train into Cranmore. Director Chas Stoddard and Journal Editor Andy Lunness discuss production of the final DVD. Chas Stoddard filming from the footplate of 30075