Construction started on 14th February with snow still on the ground. One of the first tasks was to build a sleeper bridge over the loop, main line and cripple siding to bring in the digger. ESR Member Andy Box cuts the first ground at what will ultimately become the platform. Progress is rapidly made towards Hut 39 where the ground needs to be raised several inches.
Fireman Ken Slade checks the radius curve exiting the platform area. Driver Graham Watters checks the line exit from behind Hut 39 heading ultimately to Cranmore West. By the end of the day significant clearance and levelling is achieved and the route of the line can be clearly seen. With the start of the new season approaching, fencing the miniature railway off from the loop and main line becomes a priority, ballast spoil has been used to create a solid track bed for the line. Ramming fence posts is hard work indeed, but luckily the ground is softer than expected and with many hands rapid progress is made. Platform 7 1/4 is laid to give settling time, and will be adjusted once the track is down. New picnic tables have also arrived and will be assembled shortly. An impressive line of fence posts is in place by the close of play on 14 March. With groundworks complete track laying starts on Mothering Sunday. Hut 39 provides an immediate interesting diversion as the line exits the platform area. Having negotiated Hut 39 the line swings back to start the main run towards Cranmore West.
View from the platform terminus at Cranmore.