Class 31 no.31452 arriving at Mendip Vale. Class 37 no.37674 at Cranmore just after arriving. Class 37 no.37674 standing in Cranmore station. Class 31 no. 31452 standing in the loop at Cranmore whilst 31128 brings in the train. Class 37 no.37674 standing beside the signal box awaiting the next turn. No.37674 & 31128 double heading the train towards Mendip Vale. Class 37 no.37674 at Merryfield Lane with a sleeper coach during test runs. No.37674 pulling the train into Mendip Vale whilst 31128 waits in the loop. Class 31 no.31452 "Minotaur" running round at Mendip Vale. No.37674 with a sleeper coach at Merryfield Lane, with the light failing. No.31452 "Minotaur" waiting in the loop at Mendip Vale. Nos. 37674, 31128 & 31452 waiting departure of a triple headed traing from Mendip Vale. With thanks to ... Class 31 31452 "Minotaur" clibming the bank from Mendip Vale. Class 37 no.37674 running around its train at Mendip Vale. Class 37 no.37674 climbing the bank on the way to Merryfield Lane. Class 37 no.37674 coming into Merryfield Lane. Class 47 no.47365 on static display in the motive power depot. Class 37 no.37674 with its train of Mk.2 stock at Cranmore station. One of the class 31's is waiting in the loop to takeover the train. 37674 & 31128 stand at Cranmore between trains. 37678 prepares to depart from Cranmore whilst 31128 stands in the loop. 37674 and 31128 prepare to depart from Cranmore with a double-headed train.