Newly accquired Tinkerbell No.3 arrives at Cranmore Thursday evening. Tinkerbell and trailer are carefully positioned onto a makeshift sleeper bridge by Fireman Ken Slade. The locomotive and trailer are painstakingly man-handled over the crossing by Ganger Tom Bailey, Fireman Ken Slade and Derek Biles. Finally across the main line and railed, Tinkerbell stands in the dusk. The whole maneuver took around five hours. Tinkerbell`s first steaming at Cranmore, owner Andy Lunness lights the fire on a damp Good Friday morning. Track testing. Whilst Tinkerbell is raising steam we take the coaches up the line to check the running. This is the first train over the new route. With steam now raised Andy Lunness takes the first run up the line with Tinkerbell. Faith and Max Samways are our first passengers to ride the line. Much of Saturday was spent adjusting the packing of the trackwork. Tinkerbell returns from a test run as 813 approaches Cranmore. At the end of the days service 813 brings the permanent way gang and a works train to site. Having spent the last two days packing standard gauge track, the permanent way gang unload ash from a dogfish wagon ready to pack our 7.25" line. Easter Sunday afternoon and the packing is completed. The permanent way gang hand over the line and enjoy a well earned ride. The miniature railway is now open. ESR Ganger Tom Bailey made and fitted a lamp bracket to the rear coach, allowing us to fit our red aspect tail lamp. Jennifer Lunness rides guard on yet another trial run. With memories of Tinkerbell`s difficult arrival fresh in our minds, part of the team spend most of Easter Monday constructing a rail bridge. Looking something like the (second) Tay Bridge, Ken Slade, Dave Golden-Hann and Ralph check the supports and joints in preparation for the move Andy Lunness and Richard Bridewell bring the trailer to the railhead assisted by Firemen Grant Bolton and Dave Golden-Hann. First move, Tinkerbell is eased over the previously untested points. It`s working! Tinkerbell is up on the bridge section and well on the way. Using rail and a good deal of elbow grease we gently manhandle Tinkerbell back across the running lines. Ken Slade, Dave Golden-Hann and Andy Lunness pause before the final loading stage. Owner Andy Lunness watches the front pony-truck wheels ride onto the loading ramp. Until next time... Tinkerbell is securely loaded and ready to depart. As we leave Cranmore I look at the clock and smile, it`s 7:05.