Bob and Sheila arrive for the opening ceremony. Derek Biles mans the foot crossing bringing our supporters across from the main Cranmore platform. ESR driver Graham Watters and Bob Symes discuss the construction of Graham`s 0-6-0 locomotive. Fireman Andy Lunness and Bob Symes with Tinkerbell No. 3. Starting the ceremony, Andy Lunness gives a short welcome and introduction to Bob and Sheila. Addressing the crowd, Bob speaks of the excitement and wonder of creating new railways, and extends his best wishes for our ongoing success. The speeches over, Andy Lunness presents Sheila with flowers whilst Bob exchanges words with ESR Chairman Dick Masters. Bob takes the driving seat as the line is officially opened. The 14:00 service to Mendip Vale paused allowing passengers to observe the ceremony and the two trains then proceeded together.  Enjoying the moment, Bob prepares to take our first passenger service. We`re open! With Bob at the controls Andy Lunness takes the opportunity to talk to Sheila. Driver Graham Watters returning to Cranmore with another full service. Two very happy enthusiasts indeed.
Thank-you Bob!