Feeding time in the buffet car Dubs crane tank at Merryfield lane Tree Surgery at Mendip Vale 92203 on the first return trip from Mendip Vale Chris Harris and Pat Goodfellow at Fratton Portsmouth Wilf Wilds and Grandson at Fratton Dave Fear working on a waggon Joem at Cranmore Old water tank being demolished Alan Eadle helping to re-rail a coach at Cranmore West Ann West and Barry Buckfield pose in front of Jinty 47493 The Gang of 85
Front row Left to Right Pat Goodfellow, Dave Fear, Pete Chandler, Alan Eadle, Denise Graham, Jerry West, Terry Smyth, Bob Tutting, Keith Nicklen, Norman Smith, Roger Watkins (AKA Mutley), Dean Knights, Keith Walker, Ian Barnfield, Ann West, Ralph Lemon, Tim Darch, and Chris Harris
Top Caroline Chard, Cath Chard and Dick Deer. 47493  with  the  one  and  only  Tony  Pay  and  Roger  Brown  deciding  who  should  go  and  make  the  tea.
Jinty  47493  in  an  ex  Barry  scrapyard  condition  and  if  you  look  very  close  you  can see  a  very  young  Jeff  Bown  in  the  cab.
92203  approaching  Mendip  Vale  Station with a BR special.
The  Royal  Opening  with  ( Driver ) Arthur  Young  and  Colin  Saunders  sorting  out  the  flowers Ballast train working on line extension 92203 in hiding at Liss on the film set of Young Winston Overkill on a ballast train Newly restored 75029 with 92203 outside of Cranmore shed Kath Chard Denice Graham-Turner and Nan Bellchambers in the Buffet Car Dave  Fear  at  work  on  the  floor  of  the  BR Mk1  surburban  brake  coach End  of  a  days  work  Dean  Knight  prepairs  to  enter  the  smoke  box  of  47493  to  remove  the  ashes.
75029  Green  Knight  during  its  first  overhaul  in  the  Cranmore  Workshops From Left to Right, Brian Rands Chris Shermon Terry Smyth and Alan Eadle Tim Darch at work Unloading ballast at Mendip Vale Jinty at Mendip vale From Left to Right Muttly, Steve Marcks, Hugh Shrubsole and Terry Smyth Doug Ellis working on the frame at Mendip Vale Jinty in the snow Pat Goodfellow degreasing fishers wheels Dean Knights in the workshop John Penny with Crane tonk Just to prove shed roof repairs are nothing new! From L to R Terry Smyth, Chris Shermon, Sooty and Peter March