32110 in the shed awaiting shunting out for the customary `ex works` photoshoot. Grant Bolton oiling up 32110 withe those who helped in the restoration 32110 at Merryfield Lane Station Under the Tramway Bridge approaching Merryfield Lane Station A `google earth` view from the top of the water tower Steve Searle cleaning Lady Nan At Cranmore Station in the Loop In the Tanker Sidings MD&HB Nr 45 shunting the Engineer`s Train into the Tanker Sidings Driver Paul Ebsworth on Lady Nan, prior to the departure of the Engineer`s Train to the Depot Lady Nan getting ready to depart Riding with 5637 on the final freight train of the day 32110 on shed.  The recently overhauled Generator Van for the W&D Site in the background End of the Day.  Dispose.