BB 131  This  pictures  was  taken  at  the  Torr  works  of Foster  
Yeomans,  we  see  Stowe  No  928  Schools  Class Locomotive  parked  
up  in  the  then  new  build  ( under construction )  diesel  depot.    
June  1980.
BB  132  Nice  view  of  a  very  smart  Cranmore  West  ( note how  
clean  the  area  looks ).    July  1980. BB  133  On  a  low  loader  we  see  o-6-0  Locomotive  named Bluebell  
about  to  reverse  into  the  Torr  works  at  that time  this  
company  was  owned  and  run  by  the  Yeoman  family.      September  
1980 BB  134  Having  of  loaded  the  locomotive  at  the  Southern end  of  
the  yard  Bluebell  awaits  it`s  next  tow  up  the line  to  
Cranmore.  September  1980 BB 126  Looking  towards  Cranmore  Station  as  seen  from  the 
Cranmore  West  crossing............January  1980.
BB 128  It  was  all  go  in  those  early  days  of  the  railway as  
can  be  seen  in  this  picture  the  erection  of  the platform  at  
Cranmore  West  Dick  Dear  and  Pat  Goodfellow  can just  be  seen  
at  work  on  another  of  the  supports  for  the platform  
section................ February  1980.
BB 127  A  new  build  back  in  1980  was  some  very  needed 
protection  from  the  rain & wind ect  as  i  recall  i  think it  was  
the  late  Doug  Ellis  who  was  in  charge  of  this particular  
project................ February  1980 BB 129  This  is  STOWE  ex  Southern  Region  4-4-0  Schools Class  
locomotive  showing  the  effects  of  being  stored outside  under  
the  trees,  this  locomotive  can  now  be  seen at  the  Bluebell  
Railway  in  Sussex...................June  1980.