5239 arrives at Cranmore ready for overhaul. First job - steam clean the underframes before we start the job of dismantling. Jon is seen here doing the honours! James and Phil make a start in the smokebox removing all the superheater elements. Natty cleaning up the first of the removed components ready to go into the stores. Nathan also cleans many parts today. 5239 in now in the workshop. Edd and Phil continue in the smokebox removing the steam pipes while Pete and Matt remove the front stays. Jeff has removed most of the fittings from the backhead. Alex removes the rear brake shaft with the help of the platform lift. Elliot machines another wheel on the borer for the new frame trolleys. Jeff welds the last few bits to the frame trolleys after Edd had made up the frames a few weeks ago. The cab, bunker and tanks are removed. The boiler is lifted from the frames. The boiler hovers so that the ashpan can be removed. The boiler now sat on the wagon on the wagon in the workshop. The frames removed from the wheels. Next the frames were lifted and the wheels rolled out. The frames are sat on purpose made trolleys. The pony truck is wheeled out. Chris is being used as a counterweight! All of the axleboxes are removed and the first job is to steam clean all the bits. Next the axlebox crowns are pressed out. A full set of cleaned axleboxes with the crowns removed. Jeff removes the vacuum brake cylinder. The hydraulic crosshead splitter is rigged up to split the piston rod from the crosshead which is held together with a slender taper. Chris removes the superheater header from the smokebox. All of the boiler tubes are cut ready to be knocked out. Jeff removes the piston valves. The frames currently in the workshop are almost completely stripped. The boiler tubes have started to be knocked out.