Andrew-Barclay 0-4-4 No.705 shunts the pick-up goods train at Cranmore with Driver West in charge. GWR class 4575 no.5542 with the pick-up goods train at Cranmore. No.5542 in the Tanker Sidings with the fitted goods train. No.5542 pulling the fitted freight train out of the Tanker Sidings. GWR class 56xx no.5637 on shed, being prepared for the days work. No.5637 pulling the fitted freight train out of the tanker sidings. Nos.5542 & 5637 in charge of a double-headed passenger train at Cranmore. Hard at work ... 5542 stands in the loop at Cranmore Station with a freight train. 5637 waits the right away for a mixed-traffic train, whilst the freight train sits in the loop. 5542 stands in Cranmore station between services. 705 shunts the stock at Cranmore Station, in between services. 5542 descends the bank to Mendip Vale with a goods train. 705 returns light engine from Mendip Vale during the 2003 Mendip Steam Dream  5542 sits at Cranmore Station waiting to start a mixed-traffic train.