75029 storming up through the cutting 75029 in the yard at Cranmore 75029 outside the engine shed 75029 in Eastliegh Yard prior to their move to Cranmore. 75029 being lit up in the Depot yard. 75029 enters Cranmore Station. 75029 pulls away from Cranmore Station. 75029 stands in Cranmore Station with driver Dickie Bellchambers and Fireman John Scott. 75029, double-headed with 7822 "Foxcote Manor", pulls away from Cranmore Station. 75029 just arrived at Cranmore Station with the return service from Mendip Vale. 75029 running around its train, with driver Brian Laitt. 75029 running around its train in Cranmore Station. 75029 sits in Cranmore Station with its short, 2-coach train, waiting for the next service. 75029 at Mendip Vale Station. 75029 running around its train at Mendip Vale. The driver has just set the points at the end of the loop. 75029 running around at Mendip Vale Station. The engine has run around the train and prepares the set back onto the train. 75029 running around its train at Cranmore Station. No.75029 "Green Knight" working hard in the cutting. During an open day at the Foster Yeoman Merehead quarry, 75029 "Green Knight" and Andrew-Barclay 0-4-0 "Lady Nan" stand between duties. The driver on "Lady Nan" is Dave Massey, whilst the fireman on "Green Knight" is Brian Laitt.